My favorite iPhone apps…

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It’s no secret that I’m addicted to my iPhone, I even shower with it.  I’ve had an iPhone since the day they came out (I had to pay almost $1000 to get out of my Sprint contract) & typically keep up with the newest upgrades.  That said, I currently have a 32 gig iPhone 5 — as I’m holding out for iPhone 6.  It should also be noted that I haven’t updated to the new O.S. because I think it still has flaws, I’ll eventually come around…

I recently deleted a bunch of apps because my phone was FULL of apps & pictures — all 32 gigs, no music.  SO I narrowed it down to my favorites…

  1. Hexchange: as pictured above, it’s a puzzle game with cool graphics.  Sort of like soduku meets Rubics Cube.  I think it’s one of the rare hidden gems of the app world — created by 2 guys who game together — my friends Chuck & Kris, so take my incredibly biased opinion & support your local gamer 😉
  2. GrubHub: find take out near you, order from your phone
  3. SuperBetter: makes feeling better a game — this is great for anyone, but highly recommended if you have a chronic illness.
  4. Sleep Cycle:  highly recommended if you have a sleep disorder, has a cool “gentle alarm” that we can all benefit from.
  5. ScanBizCards: take pics of biz cards, they’re added to your contacts
  6. Evernote Food: take pics of your food for your food journal
  7. Lumonosity: if you’re going to play games on your phone, you’d might as well improve your brain power while you do it
  8. Flashlight: you need this.  p.s. It drains your battery fast!!
  9. SoundHound: you don’t know the name of the song on the radio?  Hold your phone up to a speaker & it tells you the song title & where to go to download it.
  10. Pandora: it’s essentially a radio station that plays only the songs you like without commercials — the commercial free version costs something like $4 extra per month, it’s worth every penny.
  11. The Weather Channel: its better than the iPhone weather app
  12. Flipboard: articles that are relevant to you.  This basically stopped me from buying magazines.
  13. FindFriends: this should be called FindFamily I use it to keep track of mine!
  14. BofA: the Bank of America app.  I use it to transfer money to my kids, check balances, & deposit checks into my accounts
  15. Evernote: This is where I jot all of my notes down or take pics of things as “notes”
  16. Google Drive: remote access to anything you’ve put on the Google cloud
  17. IMDb: a database of all things movies & TV.  I accesss this several times a week.
  18. Netflix
  19. YouTube
  20. TV Remote: works with Comcast for when you can’t find your remote
  21. Paycheck Free: calculate what you’ll take home after taxes.  If you’re like me, you want to pay as little taxes as possible — this app lets you see the true bottom line on tax deductible expenditures.
  22. Starbucks: find stores, track points, free downloads
  23. OpenTable: make reservations on the run
  24. Chipotle: order on the run
  25. Dropbox: access to your Dropbox cloud
  26. Sparrow: I use this to access my gMail on my iPhone
  27. Twitter
  28. Skype: for video calls to my international friends
  29. LinkedIN
  30. WordPress

Do you have an app I should check out?  Send me a link!  Beware: I’ll give you my honest feedback 🙂

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