Money doesn’t buy you happiness, BUT…

I have 4 daughters.  As part of my pursuit of winning the Mother of the Year award, we frequently watch Tosh.0 — an hysterical & offensive show on Comedy Central.  If you haven’t seen the show, you must — preferably without your children in the room.  If you have — stop judging my parenting!  In any case, thanks to Daniel Tosh, the unanimous response in my house to any remarks about how money is the root of all evil is: “have you ever seen a sad person on a WaveRunner?” as Daniel Tosh once said…  Which brings me to today’s post…



A few of my favorite things & why…

1.  My Jeep.  You gotta get one.  Trust me, it’s the closest thing to a WaveRunner that you can reasonably use every day.  BUT don’t even bother if you’re getting an automatic.  It’s the equivalent of going to the amusement park & watching other people go on the rides.  The thing about Jeepin is that you automatically have friends you’ve never met.  Watch people in Wranglers — they all Jeep wave at each other!  I live at the beach, so I’m getting carpel tunnel from all the waving — and I like it!

2.  Technology.  Specifically Apple products.  The user interfaces are amazing & you don’t have the usual problems.  I’m currently rocking a MacBook Air & an iPhone 5  I keep just about everything on the cloud, so in the HIGHLY unlikely event that my messenger bag flies out the side of my Jeep & they both go flying into the ocean — I’m cool.  I just run to the apple store.  p.s. I’m also a sucker for the Google Kool-Aid & a variety of apps, but that’s a talk for another day.

3.  My Rickshaw messenger bag.  I had mine customized on Zazzle because I like having cool stuff that no one else has…  It’s a great bag for just about any purpose.  I almost always have my MacBook Air with me (which is about the size of a magazine) plus all of my other crap that gets me through the day (I’ll post about this one day too), this bag fits everything I need, is comfortable to carry & my husband doesn’t look silly if he carries it for me.  I do not travel light, but I’ve managed to use this bag, & nothing else, for overnight biz trips.

4.  My Blendtec Blender that I bought at Costco.  It helps people like me, who aren’t great about eating their veggies, get them into their diet.  It has the added bonus of being a phenomenal tool for much needed frozen Friday “lemonades.”  I have yet to attempt chunking my vegetable & booze consumption — your feedback on the effectiveness there of would be greatly appreciated.

5.  iPhone case with storage.  I currently rock the EYN case but have used the Incipio Stowaway case.  The EYN case holds more & has a mirror, the Incipio case is slimmer.  Either model will hold your drivers license & debit card — the only other thing I need to leave the house is my car keys, that is short of longer excursions or times when I may want to work when I have my messenger bag.

6.  Shoes.  Mostly I rock out flip flops when I’m tooling around town.  I kick them off at every opportunity & wear them unless there is not a path shoveled in the snow.  When I’m “out” I’m typically rocking something with a 5″ heel or larger.  I’m 5’7″ so I feel sorta like a I super model when I’m trotting about.  When I feel fat or ugly, I’ll trot about Home Depot for a bit — always good for an ego boost.

7.  A good bra.  I hate to leave the guys out of this one, but, trust me, we all benefit.  Put on a bra that lifts your girls up & makes you feel sexy — feel free to hook yourself up with a little “false advertising” courtesy of Victoria’s Secret for added fun.  I have a great rack, but I could use to loose a few pounds.  Properly aligning my 36DDDs helps me to camouflage my tummy & it makes my clothes look nicer.  Spend $50 on a bra, it’s worth every penny.  Now guys, can you really say you didn’t benefit from this one???

8.  SCUBA gear.  I typically get my gear at East Coast Divers.  Owners Nick & Alex are incredibly knowledgeable & passionate, their prices are reasonable AND my daughter interns there a few days a week.  I only started diving last spring, but I gotta tell you, I’m hooked.  If you’re ever in the area we should dive — the best part is, when I’m underwater you’ll site something rare: me with my mouth shut!

9.  Roku player.  I just bought the Roku 3 which has a headphone jack built into the remote — my husband loves this because I ALWAYS fall asleep with the tv on, this keep him from suffering.  We’re slowly transitioning away from cable — I love that the Roku gives me access to Nextflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon movies, etc. etc.  The majority of what we watch is through one of these sources & frankly, I loathe commercials.  You can just about always get any show you want the day after it airs…

10.  Amazon Prime gives me free shipping on most items.  I buy everything from razor cartridges to Jeep gear.  They also give you 10,000 free movie &/or tv downloads a year.  Membership is under $100, get it.

What are your favorite things?  Do you have a product I should check out?  None of the products above have been given to me nor do I get anything for endorsing them — but I’m open to providing HONEST FEEDBACK on just about anything.  Which leads me to my next point: expect to see a recurrence of this sorta blog — we’re living in a material world & I am a material girl!

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