365 of Thanks!






Over the past couple of years I’ve done my best to make gratitude a part of my daily life.  I found that the more I’ve focused on the positive, the more positive things happen.  Sure, I’ve seen “The Secret” & fully believe in the power of the universe, karma, or god — whatever you want to call it.  For many of us, including yours truly, the idea is too “hippy dippy.”  Instead of asking you to watch the movie, read a book, asking you to adopt a religion I’m going to ask you to try one simple thing: focus on something (this can be anything from an armadillo to a zipcar) for one day & let me know what happens.

Yesterday, as a part of my ongoing focus to be positive & inspire people I suggested that my amazing sister in law & friend Patty, who was posting her daily thanks for November, up her game by posting daily.  Long story short, short story long — I‘ve created a FaceBook group where people can do just that.  The concept is simple: I post the date, members post their thanks as a comment under the date & we’re all focused slightly more on the positive.  I have grandiose plans of using this as a tool for us to make the world a better place — more on that later.  If you want to join us, just send a request to: 365 of Thanks!

So there you have it… It’s Tuesday & this crazy girl has actively CHOSEN to be happy & wants you to jump on the bandwagon!!!

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